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Hi! I'm Karine.

I work with technical professionals, like engineers, to develop their human skills, change their behavior, and change their lives so they can be more productive, happier, and live the life they deserve.

Because it's doesn't matter how smart you are
if nobody wants to work with you

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How to Be Human in a Technical World


Engineer ● Speaker ● Trainer ● Coach ● Author

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Human Skills Solutions

We live in a technical world. And yet, technical skills can be worthless without human skills. Human skills connect us to our humanity, our personality, our ability to communicate and interact with others. So why is it that human skills are not even taught in schools?

Learn the step by step solution to increase your
emotional intelligence and change your behavior with the Magic Six human skills

About Karine Leblanc

Karine Leblanc is a sales engineer and human skills expert. She works with busy consulting engineers on their HVAC design projects by supporting them with various system ideas and energy-efficient equipment solutions.

Not your typical engineer™, Karine Leblanc is passionate about working with technical professionals like engineers to improve their human skills so they can be more productive, happier, and live the life they deserve.

What Clients Say

"What I loved about Karine's virtual keynote speech was the way of the delivery - simple, yet provoking empathy which made it very relatable. She was really good at explaining the topic of EQ and the importance of its management and improvement. Our audience feedback was very positive." 
- Marian Kanev, Chief Marketing Officer, Interplast Group LTD
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