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Hi! I'm Karine Leblanc               
Not your typical engineer™

Karine Leblanc is not your typical engineer™. She helps the HVAC industry develop exceptional leaders using emotional intelligence to drive team performance, create a positive work environment, and maximize client relationships.

Because it doesn't matter how smart we are if nobody wants to work with us

Emotional Intelligence is the No.1 Leadership Skill for 2024, according to research
- Forbes

Engineer ● Speaker ● Trainer ● Coach ● Author


How To Be Human in a Technical World

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

In today's technical world, possessing technical skills alone is no longer enough. To truly thrive, we must also cultivate our human skills

By developing emotional intelligence, you will transition from being task-focused managers to
empathetic and inspiring leaders.

This keynote will inspire your audience to apply what they have learned and leave your event on a high note. 

Applied Emotional Intelligence Workshop

This program is designed to help employees at all levels become more self-aware, empathetic and resilient.
Applied Emotional Intelligence covers the six core competencies of the Genos Workplace Model of Emotional Intelligence. Participants will gain the ability to manage their emotions intelligently, to influence their performance and improve their decision-making abilities.
Built on emotional intelligence and social neuroscience, this program benefits today's teams and tomorrow's leaders.

Become the leader that everyone wants to work with, invest in yourself

Do you know any professional athletes without a coach?

Can you name a successful business leader who never had a mentor or coach?

It's time to get out of your comfort zone, leave your ego at the door, and seek guidance and support.

Your spouse should not be your only sounding board, you need a professional coach, someone with the tools to help you.


human skills coaching
Meet Karine Leblanc!

Meet Karine Leblanc, the dynamo who wears many hats—engineer, bestselling author, and international speaker.


As the VP of Sales at iAIRE, she's not just crunching numbers; she's crafting winning sales teams with her unique blend of engineering prowess, coaching finesse, and relationship-building wizardry.

Armed with a mechanical engineering degree from Montreal's Ecole de Technologie Superieure and a slew of certifications, she's a powerhouse. Karine is a John Maxwell coach, trainer, and speaker, a certified behavioral analysis consultant, and an eSpeakers certified virtual presenter. Oh, and did we mention she's a Heroic Public Speaking graduate Alumni?

But wait, there's more! Karine's not your typical engineer™. She's shattered ceilings by serving on ASHRAE's board of directors, and her accolades include the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award and John F James International Award. Plus, she's the Past-President of the National Speaker Association Los Angeles Chapter, and her contributions to her alumni earned her the title of Leadership Ambassador. To top it off, she's also an Amazon-published author!

Get ready to be inspired by this engineering maverick who's anything but conventional. Karine Leblanc is here to transform your perspective and make learning a blast!

What Clients Say

"What I loved about Karine's virtual keynote speech was the way of the delivery - simple, yet provoking empathy which made it very relatable. She was really good at explaining the topic of EQ and the importance of its management and improvement. Our audience feedback was very positive." 
- Marian Kanev, Chief Marketing Officer, Interplast Group LTD
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