Leadership Coaching for Engineers

Karine's Engineering Leadership Coaching is your passport to a clearly defined path to success, an action-oriented approach with a practical step by step process to become an effective leader 


This 90-day exclusive 1:1 growth program is for aspiring leaders, new leaders, experienced leaders, and business owners who want to improve their communication skills, seek simple solutions to empower their team and boost their confidence

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  • Remain in control under pressure

  • Connect on a deeper level and boost team morale and energy

  • Release the stress of going to work each day like it is a daycare

  • Master uncertainty and resistance to change

  • Get your team to live up to their full potential

  • Become more influential and inspirational

  • Save time, money, and energy having a more productive and engaging team

  • Attract and keep female engineers

  • Be respected by your team

  • Build confidence in your ability to lead

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I help busy engineers step up their leadership skills so they can better communicate, build strong relationships, and be influential

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