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DISC Personal Assessment

  • Maximize personal strengths and minimize weaknesses

  • Resolve internal conflicts and power struggles more quickly

  • Assess a person's nonverbal communication

  • Identify how and why people make decisions

  • Reveal root communication problems

  • Gain greater sensitivity to others around you

  • Enhance relational time professionally and personally

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Take the EQ6 Assessment

We live in a technical world. And yet, technical skills can be worthless without human skills. Human skills connect us to our humanity, our personality, our ability to communicate and interact with others. So why is it that human skills are not even taught in schools?

The first step is to increase your emotional intelligence and learn the recipe for success with the Six Magic Skills. This questionnaire will help find out which skills you have and which ones you need to develop.


The results will save you time and give you a clear indication of how far along the process of developing the human skills you currently are. 


It will tell you exactly which human skills to focus on developing first so that you can become more productive, happier, and successful. 

In order to improve your behavior and your life, you need to know where you are now.


This assessment will provide you with that awareness.

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